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New York's Trials Genius

Here at we have heavy roots in the North American riding scene, but lately I noticed most of the posts and videos we've been sharing have been from riders in Europe. And often for a good reason, there are some incredible riders making some incredible content over there!

Now there aren't a whole lot of American riders whose riding has blown me away in person. New York state native pro bicycle and moto trials rider Drew Fortner, is one of those guys. The first time I rode with him someone said, "watch, he'll be better at the end of the ride than the beginning", and it's been just crazy progression for years with no sign of stopping. If you haven't heard of Drew you should take a minute to check out his Instagram, @bighops_fortner, it's full of ridiculous riding.

How good is Drew? Well he literally is cast as the moto-trials stunting / parkour version of Captain America for Marvel Universe Live. And Drew is not only the only trials rider in North America who regularly does flips on his bike, he is literally, as far as we can tell, the ONLY person in the world to do a curb-bump front flip on a bicycle, using the rear tire to for the bump. Drew isn't just a street trials rider, he's got really good technical skills and competes pro level in NATS.

And all that being said, Drew is also just an awesome guy and a great ambassador for the sport. It's good to see the American riding scene isn't dead, its just moving on to new people.

Take a minute to check out his crazy Instagram front flip clip and latest youtube video below.

Instagram: @bighops_fortner

Youtube: @BigHops fortner