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Rick KoeKoek Breaks Bunnyhop World Record

May 30, 2017

Last week at the first UCI Trials world cup in Aalter, Belgium Rick KoeKoek beat his own world record bunnyhop with a new record of 1.44 meters (4 feet, 8.69 inches).  His previous record of 1.43 meters had been standing since August 9, 2014.


Five of the other top 20" riders participated with Dominik Oswald and Benito Ros remaining to the later stages and Benito making it to 1.37 meters.


For clarification Guinness calls this the "bunnyhop", but we would all recognize this as a sidehop.


"I'm super stoked with this new world record. Especially, because it came so unexpected. It's still so early in the competition season that I'm currently nowhere near my best shape. Awesome to get going like this for the weekend. Now, my focus moves to the UCI World Cup tomorrow." - Rick Koekoek



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