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2017 UCI Trials World Cup Aalter Belgium

This weekend held the first round of the 2017 UCI Trials World Cup in Aalter Belgium. Kenny Belaey and the other organizers put an incredible amount of work into this event, and it looks like a big success. The obstacles proved to be extremely difficult and the scores were high. Congratulations to the winners of this world cup!

The video is from the live stream and is over 4 hours long.

See the results below.

We have listed the top 10 for men's elite 20" and 26" along with the woman's elite class. The top six riders in each class progressed to the final.

You can find the complete result listings for this round at:

Men's Elite 26" 1 Gilles COUSTELLIER: France. Score 15. 2 Vincent HERMANCE: France. Score 18. 3 Kenny BELAEY: Belgium Score 20. 4 Nicolas VALLEE: France. Score 22. 5 Pol TARRES: Spain Score 25. 6 Jack CARTHY: Great Britain Score 35. 7 Clement MEOT: France 8 Giacomo COUSTELLIER: France 9 Joan TORRES: Spain 10 Hannes HERRMANN: Germany

Men's Elite 20" 1 Abel MUSTIELES: Spain.Score 10. 2 Ion AREITIO: Spain. Score 15. 3 Benito ROS : Spain. Score 19. 4 Dominik OSWALD: Germany. Score 19. 5 Alejandro MONTALVO: Spain. Score 17. 6 Lucien LEISER: Switzerland. Score 23. 7 Thomas PECHHACKER: Austria 8 Jonas Boritz KRISTIANSEN: Denmark 9 Domenec LLADO: Spain.

10 Alex RUDEAU: France

Women's Elite 1 Nina REICHENBACH: Germany. Score 4. 2 Manon BASSEVILLE: France. Score 13. 3 Debi STUDER: Switzerland. Score 14. 4 Alba HIDALGO: Spain. Score 20. 5 Nadine KÅMARK: Sweden. Sore 20. 6 Larena HEES: Germany. Score 23. 7 Irene CAMINOS: Spain 8 Mailys JOUY: France 9 Chloe JOURDAN: France 10 Erika HLAVATA: Slovakia.