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Biker from a young age, now husband and father of two with all the fun and responsibilities that come with it, and my "biker" had shifted from motors to pedals by the turn of my third decade. At the age of 27 work required me to give up some toys (motorcycles)- monetary issues. I filled the gap with bicycles and ended up loving it. What started with a rusty old diamondback full rigid mtb quickly escalated and soon the last motorcycle I've owned was sold too. I found trials- on a bicycle. I was aware of moto trials but had never seen how to fit one in my stable and hadn't even considered trials on a bicycle! and the consequent learning how to stand still was perfect for my growing family life as I could go ride and stay home at the same time. With time I've expanded my bicycle stable and many struggles and stories and shinners later I'm competent (at least I'd like to think so! ha ha) on a trials bike and a mountain bike and it just seems like there is always something more to learn and try! let's ride!

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