Jul 2, 2018

Trials Injury Thread


Edited: Jul 2, 2018

At the end of April I had my first significant trials related injury, in 17-18 years of trials riding. I was riding at the Whitewater center in Charlotte and in a crash somehow my handlebars slammed into the back of my ankle, resulting in a 100% tear of my achilles. I'm still just starting to walk without crutches in one of those stupid boot things.


So my question for you is, what's the worst thing to happen to you while riding? How long did it take to come back?

Jul 12, 2018

Nothing too bad for trials, we are going so slow... chipped my two front teeth on a failed up that went to bash, face went into stem.. probably the worst. Have messed both shoulders up on extention to rear (sodehop to rear too far, pulls em out).



Aug 1, 2018

Shinners, occasional tumble, one bad loop out (knocked the breath out of me) a little overuse arm pump stuff but at Tonk says lack of velocity reduces that kind of impact. Of course that's assuming the elevations are reasonable for your skill set. Knowing how to bail, like Drew Big Hops is an underrated skill. Getting hurt and having to stay off the bike, any bike, sucks hows the Achilles now?

Aug 7, 2018

i cant say ive had any signifigant injurys from trials but have had a few close calls wich resulted smashing my helmet to pieces im glad i was wearing one other wise id probly not be here today

Aug 10, 2018

attempted pedal up to a concrete picnic table -on a brand new bike- bumped the front tire too low and hit my chin on the table top.

Aug 16, 2018

I have had several bad sprained ankles over the years, kept me off for a couple months.

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