Jan 13, 2018

Trail Bike Trials?


So after riding my new suspended bike since last spring I find that I can accomplish trials type things (static lunges, bunny hops, rear wheel hops, and even pedal kicks...) more easily than I'd really expected. We're headed to ride some manicured flow trails today so last night I gave it a clean and lube and took it for a short test ride- which turned into the short loop I do to trials the immediate neighborhood and businesses minus a few walls and such that are just too big. I was blown away at the ease and quickness and how many things I could actually do! I'll get some pictures or video to share.

And I'm super curious as to how much trials on bikes with different intended uses you guys do!

my 5" travel bike with a super short stem (most because I should have gone for a large frame but the salesman convinced me I needed an XL)



Jan 13, 2018

I think it has a lot to do with what the new bikes are like. My newest bike aside from trials bikes are 15 years old. They are all shit for trials. I’m sure if I had a brand new mountain bikes full suspension or not, it would be easy to ride trials on... full suspension 20 years ago was total crap.

Jan 14, 2018

haha maybe!

Apr 24, 2018Edited: Apr 24, 2018

I've been spending lots of time on the enduro rig, but today I had my trail bike out again and man is that bike easier to move around!



Oct 28, 2018

I ride trials a lot on my hardtail Specialized Fuse. I probably ride that more than the trials bike just because none of my friends have trials bikes. I was thinking of picking up a street trials type of bike so I can stop worrying about my rear derailleur. I've seen some DJ bikes for sale fairly cheap, anybody try riding trials on a dj with a front brake? Would a dj bike suck at trials compared to my mountain bike?

Nov 19, 2018

DJ bikes have terrible geo for trials, feels like they are just made to be stable when landing dirt jumps. Probably mostly because of the low bottom bracket.

Nov 19, 2018

I borrowed a dj bike to try but the weather hasn’t been too kind. The thing that seems really bad right now is the gearing. So far it doesn’t feel much worse that the mtb. But I haven’t been able to try a lot yet.

Nov 22, 2018

I actually learned my very first pedal kicks and hops with a "long low slack" enduro hardtail. Few months later moved to a trials bike but also bought my first ever full sus for trail riding (a 5010 as well). Well it's obvious that every trail ride ended up to a fun trials session. Sounds weird but I feel like certain trialsy moves were actually easier to approach first time with the 5010 than with the trials rig. So I kinda bumped my skills further in cooperation with both bikes. Now it's been a different story as my riding with the 26" pogo has gone way more static and precise and I find it really difficult to get used to the fluffiness and short reach of the full suspension bike. It needs that moto style mindset, letting the suspension to do half of the work. But it's definitely fun to play with after few mins. Here's some of my clips from this season, hoping to learn some better skills for the next year and do some actually good stuff. I would recommend to check Kenny Belaey's Instagram, he has some incredibly precise control with the full suspension bike.




Nov 22, 2018

Nice! I have a Santa Cruz Hightower but I prefer the Specialized Fuse for playing. The hightower has the eagle groupset and the derailleur hangs down so low I worry about hitting hit. Plus I can rear wheel hop decent on the trials bike ok on the Fuse but barely with the full suspensio. I think I need to work on my timing so it works with the suspension.

Nov 22, 2018

Yeah timing is the key with full sus. You have to be slower and wait till the rebound or it sucks all the energy. My friend has a Fuse by the way and it's awesome for this kind of stuff. I put my wheels to it so I got 84 engagements in the hub, which turned it to a seriously fun bike to ride trialsy stuff. After the 5010 it felt like I could do almost anything on it.

Nov 22, 2018

Having a little more engagement in the hub would be awesome. if and when I need a new rear hub i’ll buy one with more engagement.

Trials trail riding on my old squish bike

in my local forest.


Jan 16

Nice riding, I need to do more of this on my full squish bike. One of the reasons I chose my Intense Spider was for the shorter chainstays and doing some trials moves.

Jan 31Edited: Jan 31

Some trials-ish Fatbiking:)



Jan 31

Touch hop surge thing. FYI, oval rings are not good for trials.


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