Mar 11, 2018

Thinking of going back to +40. Am I crazy?


Lately I've been in a bit of slump with my riding. My Crewkerz Desire and I have never really got on super well, and my custom Marino's didn't work out as I had hoped.


Thinking of ordering an Ozonys Skill 2 26". 1080 +40, 72. Classic.


Am I crazy or am I on to something?


I just can't get myself to rotate the bars like crazy upside down to take real advantage of this bike, and then it feels like crap on 2 wheels. Besides I never really do anything big to the front wheel.


Mar 31, 2018

The new world isn't something most old school people can easily change into... a whole different riding style.


Like everything in life- just do've ridden tons of bikes, change bikes quite often!! My favorite bikes have been the woodman t-pro , which had a -20BB (yeah NEGATIVE)... and the ftw. FTW was just an incredibly fun bike, bombed hills at 30 mph with ease, manualed like a king, did tapped like a king...just weighed a boatload. The hex is light and nimble in comparison, but feels chinese and weak in its soul....even with a front thru axle and steel front fork.


Who knows what this inpulse will feel like when I get to really ride it. The Gu was a hilarious bike. Gaps that shouldn't be possible were too easy. It was a huge leverage machine, everything was easy on it. From what little I've ridden the inpulse, it feels just sooooo easy- like you aren't even using a bicycle...maybe that's because its the lightest bike I've ever touched..combined with new geometry, on the rear wheel it is identical to being on your feet in terms of easy rear wheel hopping.


I'm interested in trying the hilarious new bars that really do look like monkey bars, Ross has them. The inpulse has f/r hs33...which I ran back from 2000-2002 on my montys and crescent. Having a front ground rim brake makes riding over 1 mph impossible, so why not put hilarious bars that make it even more impossible.


I'm going to get a drone to carry my comp bike to rocks, no reason riding it there...considering you can't.


Have you ridden a hex?? It bumps you down a class compared to modern comp bikes...but what you lose in skill you gain in smiles. I guess you could put a long / low stem on there and save face in a comp.

Mar 31, 2018

I have ridden a Hex and hated it. haha, it's been so long since I've really taken the time on manuals and bunnyhops to take advantage of it.


When I owned Cwtrials-Shop I burned through bikes like crazy because I could buy one at wholesale, ride it for a few months, and sell it without a loss. It was a great opportunity, since I hadn't tried really anything modern before that.


Lately I've been getting two new bikes or frames every year, for the most part. A lot of the reason I switched had more to do with dropouts / tensioners. I loved my Breath Yes frame, but went to the Crewkerz sole for the tensioners. My favorite frame in the last few years was the Echo MKIII, but I'm not sure if it was just because I was in a really good place mentally when I had it, the geo is fairly close to what I have now.


Right now I've been riding like crap for almost a year so, and keep flirting with the idea of new bikes simply to make myself believe a new frame will help. But frankly it's been a really crappy year and I haven't had any drive or focus, so it's not the bike's fault. My new Marino's are starting to feel a bit better now that I'm getting some more time on them.


I tried the new 145 x 25 stem and super low bars and it just felt too strange. Great for static, but everything else felt like crap.



Apr 1, 2018

Strange and trials have gone hand in hand for the last 20 years I’ve been involved in this sport :)


At least you can ride !! That new echo looks interesting. Hopefully I can get this inpulse to be put together by nationals... and maybe try to ride it? What does a few years off the bike do...

Apr 1, 2018

Ha, so true. The old bikes were pretty strange sometimes.


Been enjoying my Marino more the last few rides. You wouldn't like the angle I have my arcade bars at, but it feels nice.

Apr 4, 2018

If I can get hold of a Pashley for the right price I'll buy it. I enjoy riding my Zoo python, no idea how old it is. Maybe 10-12 years? But it's a tank, King hubs, Middleburns, Avid disc front and 05 HS33 rear. Super heavy compared to any bike going around now. Hilariously so.


I don't really ride trials other than at comps though, so maybe that's where my enjoyment comes from. Mental state plays a huge part in everything.



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