Sep 23, 2017

stock frame inputs


Basically I need a new frame. 26" wheels. and I'd like to stick to 135mm rear and regular ol' 1-1/8 steerer. Please direct me! my inpulse has a small crack (pictures later) and very limited remaining life.

Echo seems to be the available answer but surely there is something I haven't thought of that isn't an echo. there is the rockman from tarty but it is so long and high! so it is currently my backup plan. Inpulse currently not available and haven't yet responded to my messages. I'd try the neon wing they look awesome and have the right numbers but also not available.

worst case I sell 4 forks and some wheels and go to 116mm and tapered head tube haha! thanks!

Sep 25, 2017

Neon tends to be pretty solid. Because frames are also wheel built. Not fancy, but good. Unfortunately Inpulse has developed a bit of a poor reputation for lifespan.


When my Marino comes I may be selling my Crewkerz frames as a kit.


If you find a good tapered frame you like, just go for it. A reducer is just a few bucks and gives you a good option for the future. (you can't use forks with a built in crown race like an echo with a crown reducer).

Oct 2, 2017

Just join the future and ride full crewkerz... I loved my gu for strength, echo ain't that bad no mo

Oct 4, 2017

I was borderline on selling off my collection of parts and wheels and forks and switching to a Crewkerz... but how much longer is that frame realistically going to last? I was sad when my FiveTens only lasted 6 months but I've brought that up by consciously being more careful about shifting my feet around, turns out now as soon as I get new shoes I crack a frame. One chain per frame. One fork per 2 frames. what's the life of my carbon trialtech bar?this will be it's 3rd home. and the trialtech SL cranks? 4th frame and bb they've been on now.

Oct 4, 2017

Time to get a hex and join the revolution devolution of bike riding.

Oct 5, 2017

yeah I considered that too! my skill level isn't there to make a street rig shine like it should, a few more years maybe.

Oct 5, 2017

No reason to think of otn as a street rig... just like all trials bikes were when I started! Early 2000s comp machine If you set it up long and low

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