Jan 5, 2018



so just checked otn and it seems to have become a slingshot forum?


good bye otn, you will be missed........for at least a minute or two


Jan 5, 2018

Even though I am running this forum, it is sad to see it go. It was a good place for awhile

lol never mind, its back. BTW craig nice job on the forum, way better than otn

Jan 6, 2018

this forum is potentially awesome but definitely doesn't function well enough to have otn beat... even if it did have more regular posts

Jan 6, 2018

It seems that the trials community has shrunk significantly over the past year or so. All the trials forums have few new posts.

Jan 6, 2018

While most of the forums have shrunk, I don't think it's necessarily because of a smaller community. Facebook and Instagram have a really strong trials community, and for the most part the entire internet has shifted in the direction of social media instead.


That being said, I still think this site has a valuable function and am hoping to make some more improvements to it over the next few months.

Jan 8, 2018

That place died when the owners have no clue what the difference between trials and trails are. It’s a joke, it’s speed and familiarity built on the love of this sport are unwarrantd in its current state... where it is a loose appendage of redneck American corporate shoot everything and hit your wife culture, go trump use OTN.

Jan 11, 2018

The only active forum I can find with consistent, current information, is the UK trials site. I agree with Josh this board is hard to use compared to the more popular BB software out there. I still check most of the sites weekly myself....

Jul 16, 2018

Bummer so many bots on otn..bot zombies. Just need more info here!! different format than before, the internet has changed....

New Posts
  • Wondering if anyone has researched and or successfully converted some sort of non trials mtb 26" frame to a streety trials bike. Something with a long-ish top tube, 0drop bb or so, short stays, low front end like 60-80mm fork and rear disc.
  • I purchased a heatsink tensioner for my Hex, replacing the Trialtech two wheeled tensioner I have been using for years. I now have more chain than I would like hanging down. I am a half link away from being able to shorten any further and would like to use a half link. This is where it gets confusing, I have never done this before and have read on every chain description on Tartybikes that the split link that comes with every chain sold is not recommended for trials use. There are no alternatives given. I have read that people just push a link pin out enough to remove the required links and push the partially removed pin back in. This makes me uncomfortable. If I was to use a half link I would have to do this twice or, I would have to use two split links which is not recommended for trials use by Tartybikes to put the chain together. Both options sound sketchy to me. Can someone with experiential knowledge and experience please explain how I can use a half link without compromising the chains integrity so I won't worry about my chain snapping on every drop?! Split link image provided for those who may not know what it is.
  • I have the clean t13 v2 brake lever with echo calipers. I can't get the pistons to retract consistently. I've bled them several times, lubed and exercised the pistons but still can't get them to work right. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks for the help!

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