Jul 22, 2017

Handlebar Sweep


So, I've only heard that handlebar sweep doesn't really matter on a trials bike, but after switching to a bar with less sweep, I really have noticed a difference. Mainly when I'm up on the rear and feel like I'm only gripping with my pinkys.


I'm switching back to my Trialtech Carbon bars today to compare again...


What are your thoughts?

Jul 23, 2017

I really think sweep matters! A lot. Depending on your bar angle and setup the bar sweep you want will change. Switching bars can really help feel more comfortable and get rid of any problems in wrist / elbows

Jul 23, 2017Edited: Jul 23, 2017

Good, thanks for that!

I have some worsening hand issues. but I don't think it's trials related. I'm just trying to get the best setup possible.

After swapping, yeah it feels more comfortable again. I have them rolled forward so that there's almost no backsweep when on 2 wheels. Just trying it, and also a much longer cockpit (165 Trialtech stem and Trialtech carbon risers rolled forward on your old Echo frame). Feels pretty long! But I'm tall. I'll play with it and see.

Jul 24, 2017

Sweep is definitely important. Different bar geometries can do a lot to make your hands/wrists/shoulders more comfortable. It becomes even more important the further forward your roll your bars. When the bar is rolled forward a lot, upsweep essentially turns into forward sweep (which you do not want at all ergonomically) and backsweep turns into upsweep (which personally I do not really like either). This is the reason many competition-oriented handlebars (Breath, Hashtagg, Clean) have started to have less sweep in the past year or two, as they are meant to be run rolled forward.


Personally I think the common 12degree upsweep of many current trials handlebars is way too much, even when run at a normal angle, although it does get you more rise without the bar having to have such extreme bends as much.


Also, a good rule of thumb for bar angle: if the rise of your bar is further forward than the angle of the stem, you should try a lower stem (so the bar does not need to be rolled as far forward).


All of this applies mostly to comp-style bikes but having the right sweep makes a lot of difference in street trials too. The Inspired Arcade bar is very comfortable (and popular) because it has much less upsweep than most other bars.

Jul 25, 2017

Very very into my trialtech carbon bars.... but I can't go so far foreward ! I would love to try those crazy clean bars out.... boing pogo boing pogo


Arcade bars are the most comfortable thing that ever happened to biking, I'd snatch up a used pair for my touring bike...anyone selling??

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