Sep 4, 2017

Going up Stuff Question


Experienced riders- When do you bunny-hop vs pedal up (not even sure that's the right term?) when going up stuff?

yup thats the right term, i dont really know how to explain it and theres no set rule as to when to do one or the other


it depinds on a lot of things, do u ride street or pure? 20 24 or 26? if u ride street pay no mind to anything i say and wait till someone who knows more about street than me😉


so with pure its really hard to do a bunny hop, u have to have a lot of momentom which is scary!!

if theres a little bump on the ground before the obsticle it really helps, a bunny hop is really good for doing hooks though because u can carry more speed,


pedel ups r easer to get right, u dont have to be going as fast to do them so its not as scary,

u dont have to have as big of a run up, when going to front its easer to place the front wheel where u want it


all in all i never use bunny hops there just to unpredictable on natral, on concret or pavement there ok though,

pedel ups r what i use 99.999% of the time,


like i sayed theres no set rule as to when to use on over the other, u will have to figure out what works best where u ride


sorry for the lack of knowing how to explain things, hop this helps

Sep 5, 2017

Pretty much what he said.


Some bikes, such as street trials bikes and mods will bunnyhop nicely. Some bikes such as pure trials 24 and 26" bikes, don't bunnyhop nicely at all.


So. Most 24" and 26" pure riders are going to do a pedal up most of the time. That being said, still learn to bunnyhop and it can be useful in some situations.


Most street trials bikes are going to bunnyhop most of the time. However, for short run in situations where the speed can't be found, you may want to pedal up. Some riders in short run up situations on street or mod bikes will do a quick pedal stroke to get speed, but do a bunnyhop after.

Sep 12, 2017

Watch a few world UCI competitions, specifically when they throw in normal bicycle riding like kickers or "half pipe" type obstacles. You'll see 95% of these shredders who can sidehop six feet not be able to figure out how to bunnyhop / crash on their face when doing the most basic bike moves. This isn't new because they suck at riding, it's because of how specialized and foreign new 26" pure bikes have gotten- they are made for bouncing on the rear wheel, if you have a remotely normal "old school" trials bike bunnyhopping is very fun.


A pedal up (usually sadly to front) is what happened a lot these days, the bikes are made for them.


I prefer to bunnyhop. However on a modern pogo stick, I prefer to keep my teeth.

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