Sep 21, 2017

DIY brake pad print for adjustment


Yup it's been raining here for about 3 days, so I geeked out and came up with a way to get better pad contact/attitude with the rim. As I get older it's harder and harder to get a good eyeball on the pad/rim contact angle. Let me start by saying I have Echo SL clamps that allow for adjustment/mis-adjustment in all directions. A few years back a contributor to OTN did some elegant work using a very nice pressure sensitive paper to get a handle on pad pressure. This is poor mans technique to get a read on pad attitude. You will need some carbon paper (yes its available from Staples, craft store or check with your local Church Lady), some aluminum screening and some paper (I used graph paper).

Once you make the folded piece of over paper place the carbon paper and screen in the fold, so that the carbon paper is toward the paper that is against the rim. Gently place this little slug of stuff between the pad and rim. Squeeze the brake, but not so hard that you deform the pad. Remove the slug unfold and behold a printout of the relationship between the pad and rim. Adjust and repeat.

The upper is the first squeeze lower is after the first adjustment. This is definitely a rainy day thing.

thats really cool!!! i hate adjusting brakes and can never get it right! so im going to have to try that

Sep 28, 2017

haha, might be an engineering overkill. But I like it.

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