Aug 16, 2018

Daily riding spots

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Where do you guys normally ride? When I was living at home my dad gave me a spot in the yard and let me keep spools, an old car, telephone poles,etc. In college I would ride all over campus and run/hide from the cops. Now that I'm getting back into things again my wife doesn't want anything "ugly" in the yard, and I'm too old to run from cops. I've been hitting the skate parks, but it is not really ideal terrain. So far the coolest thing I've seen is what I can only assume is Jack Carthy's back yard (check the link @ 1:30). It needs to have varied obstacles because my son is just starting to learn and easy to maintain, don't want to have to use the grass trimmer. What are you guys riding over?


Aug 22, 2018

In my yard I've got a bench and "footrest" that aren't too much of an eyesore, and a "triangle" or sawhorse which is a bit ugly haha.

I often ride the local businesses, rocks by Cracker Barrel, some concrete features and trash cans by the car washes, a wall and a couple rocks by the dollar tree.... and every long curb and picnic table to be found!

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