Jun 2, 2017

Bunnyhopping a high BB bike


Hey All,


It's been a while since I've had a competition style stock bike with a +65 BB, but I've been riding a lot more trials and less street lately, so I'm jonesing for a pogo bike again. Having ridden my Czar for the past while, I've gotten super used to being able to actually bunny hop stuff though, as in not having to time my pedals strokes up everything, and being able to roll up to obstacles with speed, and I don't really remember what it feels like to have the BB way above the axles. Does anybody have success riding their pogo bike with a little more steez?

Jun 3, 2017

You definitely can, it's just a lot harder and the point at which you need to hoist the rear of the bike up is much shorter. The bike can loop out much more easily.

Jun 4, 2017

I throw in a half pedal stroke when I bunny hop my comp bike, feels pretty natural. I have never ridden a true street bike though.

Jun 5, 2017

How you have it setup makes a big difference. And even in comp bikes, shorter bikes are a lot easier to bunnyhop. I had been riding a Breath Yes for a long time, which is fairly short and was really easy to bunnyhop. (although I never had the confidence to go full tilt at a bit wall without pedaling). Now I'm on something longer and I can still bunnyhop it, but it's much clunkier looking.


Rolling your bars back will help a lot. I found a bar position I could bunnyhop easily from was fairly old school, and certainly not as stable on the rear as rotating the bars way forward, but it was a nice tradeoff.


On a pure trials bike you have to give more time for the movement to happen, when you throw your hips back the front end takes a second to get moving and almost feels delayed (compared to a street trials bike). Really crank your hips back hard.


But it's doable and super fun. :)

Jun 5, 2017Edited: Jun 5, 2017



There is my attempt at riding a pogo bike with bunnhops, put arcade bars on it and you are good to go... makes the bike a little strange, doesn't do pogo as well- but makes it a rideable bicycle.


Full pogo set up bars/stem.. not even the elites can't make it hop...watch aurelien foing through the rhythm sexrion at nationals last year, your eyes and heart will both be crying in pain so don't even bother. its going more and more into a pogo stick, 165x20 stems and shit... show someone in the 1890s these "bikes" and they would argue it is not a bicycle.

Jun 5, 2017

Thanks dudes! Ya'll pretty much confirmed what I was thinking. I want to go to nats this year and I was debating the value of getting a comp bike and having to spend some time adjusting my technique

Jun 5, 2017

Nice vid Tonk!

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