May 26, 2017

Air at the slaves


Ok so I'm as lazy as the next guy, maybe even lazier. Normally once I have a good bleed on my maggies I then only bleed from the slave with the bleed port to the master, pretty much one way sometimes I push/pull a bit back and forth antifreeze/water bleed. Today after lunch I did something a little different. After hooking up my bleed kit I first pulled a little from the slave (master side syringe no plunger about 25% full) and low and behold there was quite a bit of air at the slave and it found its way up to the syringe. I then bled as usual got a few bubbles out at the master end. I have never bothered to separately bleed the slave that is opposite the bleed side but I'm willing to hear arguments for and against, brake feels great again good bight and hold. Thanks

May 27, 2017

The tarty bikes guys have a way of "topping up" their Magura, after a normal bleed they do something like attach the syringe full of fluid to the bleed port and pull the lever ? I forget exactly, maybe mark will open an account on here and say what it is... I will say it made my brake awesome !

May 30, 2017

Some of my rim brakes seem to loose fluid or something, where I am slowly pushing the TPA knob further and further down just to get the lever to engage. The "topping up" method is supposed to help that.


It's supposed to work like this.


- Rotate your lever so the bleed port is the highest point (exact angle changes depending on which lever you have)

- Remove the plunger from the syringe.

- Attach it to the master cylinder (lever)

- hold the syringe up (so it doesn't spill) and pour a bit of fluid into the syringe

- Take a few minutes to pull the lever a bunch of times, sometimes with a quicker flick. The air should work its way up the bleed hose into the syringe. I imagine this would work better with a really short bleed hose.


That being said. I don't think it really works from the slave cylinder side.


May 30, 2017

Agreed, just to add to the confusion the bleed port uses a simple machine screw to seal off, I have always considered adding a little phenolic washer to get a good seal under the head of the bleed screw.

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