Jan 5, 2018

Adamant a1


ive riden mod for about 2 years then got a 24 ive had it for about a year, but dont ride it often (still have mod though) now i want to try a stock, i found a adamant a1 on ebay for 630 make offer free shipping. good deal?


anyone know how they ride compard to modern frames?



Jan 9, 2018

They are interesting, kind of the beginning of go long or go home comp frames started with the Koxx levelboss that came in 1075, 1100 wb. I think it’s a fun bike. It is the nicest era of pros riding- they look like they are still on a bicycle, where today’s bikes are made for being on the rear wheel- no pro looks Good on them... but they can do so much more on the new bikes.


It won’t be as nice on the rear wheel as new frames, it will be ok at rolling around.. not the best though- did they have a high B.B.??? 630 seems a little much unless it’s fully kitted out... watch videos from 2005 to see if you like how they ride :)

thanks tonk but the guy didnt want to come down to a price i could afford, going to wait a month an if he still has it ill make another offer

Jan 10, 2018

I had one in 2008. It was pretty decent. I don't remember specifics, but it was a fairly high bb for the time. I think it's actually somewhere in between a modern street bike and comp frame, so probably pretty versatile.

Jan 10, 2018

Also, I saw that Ebay add. He had it all totally rebuilt, so to me it seemed a decent price. But it probably will come down over time.

its not a bad deal at all, i just cant shell out that much at this point in time

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