Jul 19, 2017

26 vs 24 pure vs 20


which do you prefer and why? (pure trials 24 not street) put this on otn figuerd i put it here to,


ive only ridin 20 and i love it,


hopefully ill be converting my 24 street to a pure rig soon but untill then i like 20 the best

Jul 19, 2017

I know for most people this is purely personal preference, there doesn't seem to be much of a Rhyme or Reason to why people choose one size or another. I have always preferred 26" although I have enjoyed a 24" a few times and my custom 24" Marino is pretty neat to ride.


Truth be told, I couldn't tell you exactly why I prefer the 26" either. There are things about it I am not a fan of, but I always end up back on one. The larger wheel size is nice on rocks, it rolls over things more easily.

could it be that whatever wheel size u start out with u will always prefer? i now theres probly a few exceptions, but could that be true?

Jul 19, 2017

Seems like if you grew up on a BMX rig the 20's and 24's are home. Unfortunately I didn't BMX but started MT biking in my 20's. My first trials bike was an Onza 20 I spent some some time trying to get used to it. It was just so damn different from my trail rig. I finally broke down and bought a used METTA VTT 26 which to me just felt better, maybe because it was just enough similar to my mountain bike that switching from one to the other was easier for my head to wrap around. I am more careful now to keep my two bikes roughly similar, which means just bar width and wheel size. That said, one of our riding buddies Scott rides a 24 trials and 26 mountain, he is an very skilled mountain biker and has progressed quickly on the 24.

Jul 20, 2017

Grew up on a bmx for the most part but always mtb too then quit bmx for about 12 years...

in that time I got my 04 Norco evolve rode that for a Few years gave up on trials to Downhill. And

Now I just bought a 20" an Love it a lot more then my 26"

Sep 1, 2017

I started on a 26 and have stuck with it. I've spent some time on an old (late 90s) Monty mod (20") it was ok- super capable but I felt the wheel base was just too short- possibly the bb too low was part of it. I just recently spent maybe 15 minutes on a modern mod and was blown away at how easy to ride and capable the bike felt from tires to disc brakes and plenty long and light and super comfortable on the rear wheel.

Sep 5, 2017

I started trials on a 20. (After years of moto-trials riding). After several months on the mod, I picked up a 26". I pretty much stayed with the 26" -- UNTIL -- I recently picked up a 24 and I love it. I enjoy them all, but CURRENTLY I am riding more and progressing faster since switching to the 24". I jump on the 20" from time to time, and have some fun, but the 24" is the bike that gets the most ride time for me.

Sep 13, 2017

I rode three different mod bikes before I switched to 26". I'm 6'4" so a 26" seems to fit me better, although there's plenty of tall guys on mod bikes.

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