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Jul 27

I tend to go back to my Native home of Martha's VIneyard around this time and I'll be there until Mid-January. So if I anyone is planning a trip down there this summer, feel free to hit me up and we'l
May 8

I just started a Facebook group for trials riders in the Pacific Northwest (OR, WA, ID): The goal is to help get trials riders in the are
Feb 22

Wondering if anyone has researched and or successfully converted some sort of non trials mtb 26" frame to a streety trials bike. Something with a long-ish top tube, 0drop bb or so, short stays, low fr
Oct 5, 2018

now your turn!
Aug 16, 2018

At the end of April I had my first significant trials related injury, in 17-18 years of trials riding. I was riding at the Whitewater center in Charlotte and in a crash somehow my handlebars slammed
Jul 16, 2018

so just checked otn and it seems to have become a slingshot forum? good bye otn, you will be missed........for at least a minute or two
Jun 2, 2018

Head to the Candy Town Classic with Jim and Mustache to show a little support for our Mid Atlantic brothers. Hoping it gets a bit of dry time but either way were riding
Apr 4, 2018

Lately I've been in a bit of slump with my riding. My Crewkerz Desire and I have never really got on super well, and my custom Marino's didn't work out as I had hoped. Thinking of ordering an Ozonys
Mar 11, 2018

Just curious if any of you guys ride moto trials too... There is a comp in the national series here in New Mexico April 21-22. The riding area there is great! And we should get together for a ride a
Feb 6, 2018

june 22 is it??? 23? I think Ross has the helm of this?? anyone planning on going? thrre are a lot of great things between me and there (shasta spring water!) it may have to happen despite the fact I
May 9

I purchased a heatsink tensioner for my Hex, replacing the Trialtech two wheeled tensioner I have been using for years. I now have more chain than I would like hanging down. I am a half link away from
Apr 25

So after riding my new suspended bike since last spring I find that I can accomplish trials type things (static lunges, bunny hops, rear wheel hops, and even pedal kicks...) more easily than I'd reall
Nov 17, 2018

I have the clean t13 v2 brake lever with echo calipers. I can't get the pistons to retract consistently. I've bled them several times, lubed and exercised the pistons but still can't get them to wor
Aug 22, 2018

Where do you guys normally ride? When I was living at home my dad gave me a spot in the yard and let me keep spools, an old car, telephone poles,etc. In college I would ride all over campus and run/
Aug 7, 2018

hey. after 12 years from trials I'll be Buying a Mod Soon again an Wanted to See how many Still Ride around the T.O, Hamilton, Burlington Area...
Jun 12, 2018

so the crossbow bikes are on tartybikes and look amazing!! whats everyones thoughts on them? if webcyclery gets the fames by the time i need a new frame thats what i want!
Apr 25, 2018

supposed to happen in a few months, no information at all has come out... what is up????
Apr 4, 2018 Very cool looking bike. I wonder how long the carbon frame will last before he cracks
Feb 19, 2018

My crews planning another trip to Ray's MTB this week, if anyone is down to ride.We'll be there from opening to closing during the trip, so pop in and lets ride.. Sorry for the late notice, thedman
Feb 2, 2018

� � aaccjosh Active Member I need to pull the cranks and bottom bracket on my arcade (V2 crankset), and I can't figure out which BB tool I need. The crank tool is pretty cheap from tarty, I can't figu

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