May 28, 2017

Suspension Bikes


Share your MTB pictures here.

I've found that trials has helped me to improve my other bike skills and lately mtb has helped my trials by reminding me that you can pedal across some gnarly terrain, often in places where we stop and hop bit by bit.

I've been dreaming of more engagement points and a more nible over all geo so I've made the leap- here's the bike I've ridden for about 2 years now. update soon (hopefully) to come.




May 28, 2017

I have been having a blast getting into mountain biking in the past 3 years. I think knowing trials definitely gave me an edge. After going through a few bikes I scored a demo on this one I am finally happy with!


May 29, 2017


Not the Best pic.. but this is my OLD 2010 DH Rig... Have to say With trials in my Life it's helped LOTS...

May 29, 2017Edited: May 29, 2017

I agree that trials has helped with my mountain bike skills. I have a Specialized fatbike that I ride in the woods. Its not a fs just a fork. Not sure how to add a picture though.

Jun 9, 2017

use the camera icon to upload pictures

Jun 9, 2017

Finally the wait is over!


Jun 24, 2017

I've always been a hater on full suspension. Rigid front rear is my ideal. Last week my lbs threw this old pig at me... anyone have one back in the day? Interested in seeing how she rides, hopefully get one run on my local downhill trailzzz


Aug 7, 2017

lots of trials... then a couple hours at the dirt jumps... then come Sunday morning no one to ride with... so my first solo ride of the Dragon's Spine and the White Mesa loop


Oct 20, 2017

hi tonk june24 photo looks like you scored a GT i-drive. i've got one but I think its an older model than yours. it was fun in the day and the I-drive seemed to work pretty good. only downfall with it had a bushing and not bearing frame. bushings seemed to wear out fairly quickly. bike seemed a little light duty for any near serious dowhill action,squirrely!

Apr 2, 2018Edited: Apr 2, 2018

Here's my latest addition. Big plush suspension, fairly slack geometry, and the "shapeshifter" makes this bike pretty awesome descending and not too much extra work getting back to the top.

a couple moving pictures


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