Jul 20, 2017



here it is folks, the fishing thread is a place to kick back and crack open a cold one while talking about ur second favorite thing to do, fishing (favorite is trials of course)


so to get the ball arolling, anyone like musky fishing? if so whats ur favorite thing to lob out there, mine would have to be a musky innovations bull dawg i dont know y really but i love using them.


if u dont like musky fishing then just post whatever u like

well that ball didint roll vary far. dose anyone here like to fish?

well i guess ill just have to talk to myself


(other me) hey bro i love to fish to!!!


(me) really?!?!?! what u like to fish for?


(other me) i mainly musky fish but also love to catch bass. what about u?


(me) same here, i live for the sight of a musky chasing a pounder on the figure 8. i also love hucking a 13inch fly for musky


(other me) brooooo!!!!!!!!! musky on the fly is the best thing ever


now we r best friends


horrible photo quality i know, i was fishin by myself and nobody was around the take it for me.

its about 36” caught it on a mini madusa, it was dark and i could barly makeout a shap following in, on about the third figure 8 he hammerd it. i didnt have any pliers to to take the hook out, so as i was fidling around trying to get it out he shook his head and threw a hook in my hand, thankfully the hook hit a huge calis i got from trials, didnt go past the barb but still hurt like a house of fire, then when he shook agein it pull the hook out of him. so after that, i called it a day

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