Nov 16, 2017

Throwback pics

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thread rules: least 10+ years old pictures! write a little caption about it... a great thread will evolve


late 90s/ early 2000s monty x hydra b219, my first bike from Tim back in these days there was a more busy and an active email chain list about trials... no youtube at all, it would take 10-30 minutes to download a poor quality 30 second clip of the trialskings... their full 3 minute videos would be an overnight download.


we were excited and freezing cold temperatures didnt matter, just put some extra clothes on... this was probably a 30 degree evening:



canera was canon digital 1.3 megapixel!!

Nov 17, 2017Edited: Nov 17, 2017

ten years ago... I had no idea anyone would ride trials on a bicycle. We were (and still are) a motorcycle family but a trials moto (simply a trials bike back then) was a silly idea to us, it doesn't go fast, doesn't have big sispension, tiny gas tanks... etc. Ten years ago I had a sick superbike that I commuted on, a full stunt bike yamaha 600 with cage and 12 o clock bar a dented "seat" gas tank and clip-ons flipped and swapped, and a desert race (modified MX bike) with a decent and hard earned number on it.... haha!


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  • If you've got balance you should ride your bike on a slackline! ... right? The snow chased us indoors last weekend so we tried the slackline again, but almost twice as long this time at just over 25 feet! it was Way harder! and regular trials stuff too. 
  • Hey everyone. I wanted to let you all know that I have a new riding video out on you tube. If you want to see a blind guy ride a bike over some crazy things than check the link below. Also if you are interested in supporting me further, you can check out my go fund me page as well. I am in the process of transitioning from a bike mechanic to a full time motivational speaker. All is explained at the link below. Anything that you can help with, weather you just share this post or if you are able to donate... Its greatly appreciated. I thank everyone that has been supporting me and following my trial's riding over the years. Dong worry, I will be riding and posting up videos as long as I am not broken. Link The new video link below.
  • Cold season = Trials season!

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