Jan 29, 2018

Picture of the Day (for a while)


I figured we needed a new (temporary- until it gets too long to scroll to the new stuff) picture thread.







Feb 5, 2018Edited: Feb 5, 2018

A couple shots of today. silly pedal to the shin getting back through those small rocks to try to get up the big rock... and my puppy!





Feb 6, 2018

Been 14 or so years since I had a ffw...


Feb 6, 2018

I think you'll appreciate having 135 clicks!

Feb 8, 2018

Spent about 2 hours trying to get it on there, man this thing is a nightmare !! Will try it with fresh hands and eyes... so hard getting the tensioner in there properly, think I’m going to have to take my chain fully off every time I need to change rear tube..

Feb 8, 2018

on the inpulse? mine wasn't very friendly for tire changes either...

Good luck and come ride! maybe long drive but it is the right time of year for playing in the desert, not too hot, not too cold...

Feb 12, 2018

Still not sure how to fix the heatsink tensioner in there... rubs on the spokes, time again for he file- trials parts what a nightmare.


Feb 17, 2018

I just remembered this from last weekend, headed out for some more of the same now!


Feb 17, 2018

Nice session today with my puppy and my youngest out on the rocks.


Feb 18, 2018Edited: Feb 18, 2018

round 2 today- evening at the skate park





Feb 25, 2018Edited: Feb 25, 2018

arcade pictures



Feb 26, 2018

First attempt at bunny hopping, still not ready- left arm does all the work and right is just barely doin anything... soon..


Mar 2, 2018

Awesome park session after work today. The shadow was so cool the picture doesn't do it justice... thanks Alan for taking the picture!


Mar 5, 2018Edited: Mar 5, 2018

Out to ride and watch some motos yesterday



after a slow big group ride on saturday



Apr 13, 2018

went to my favorite zones...


Apr 13, 2018

got to ride em all


Apr 13, 2018

millions of hours for hopping


Apr 18, 2018



Apr 18, 2018

nice! I've sure been slacking at pictures and riding the squish bike mostly, arcade some, and the pogo stick only rarely...

Apr 19, 2018Edited: Apr 19, 2018

so here's the compromise... trials pictures on the squish bike





then I had some company and with the failing light gave up on pictures for the day


Apr 20, 2018

took the kids to the park... had to ride on the tables


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