Oct 15, 2017

Dusting off the cobwebs




dusting off the cobwebs of a bike that has never been ridden.



ive been trying to post this for theee days in the picture of the day thread but i keep getting the error message below when the photo is being uploaded, any idea craig? any way to enable multiple pages to a thread? could help greatly with that. otn just upgraded and the site looks like a government web site and doesnt flow at all anymore. another nail in the coffin, if this forum was faster/ better with mobile picture uploading it would be game over.




Oct 16, 2017

Nice looking rig! should come show it how a bike should be ridden in Granite CO comp this saturday!


here's mine



Oct 16, 2017

Damn that looks slick! I won't be on mine for a while but just getting it ready ;)

Oct 16, 2017

Should I put this on the front of the inpulse? I had front maguras in 2001... it used to be the standard but I do like stiff brakes and this inpulse fork doesn't inspire me.


Oct 16, 2017

Oven been riding my touring bike and bmx cruisers for so long... this feels CRAZY , like so far forward I'm already in an endo!! Looking forward to breaking this frame! Finish reminds me of my woodman, which had a drop bb -20 and I loved...


Oct 17, 2017

I thought the Inpulse fork pretty flexy, but not bad as far as brakes. the tnn fork I'm back to is super stiff!

Oct 21, 2017Edited: Oct 21, 2017

We’ll see, modified another part - think I’ll be able to roll w the hope 2.... honestly I love the low engagements of this early version, makes it feel more vintage?? I don’t know, there’s a style of riding that goes with lower engagement hubs....a greater annoyance to your bike.





multiple photos allowed, awesome.




Oct 22, 2017Edited: Oct 22, 2017

Found a nice amphitheater a few minutes drive.. has an insane loose dirt rock wall and tree logs- tons of sidehop/gap/fun














Oct 25, 2017

JUst got these bars, replica of late 70s moto cross bars... majorly excited to ride with them


Oct 26, 2017

what type of bike would those suit?

Oct 26, 2017

rebuilt with trialtech fork, comfortable grips, and Vee brakes on heatsink adaptors front and rear. also back to the loving support of the Der Kaiser projekt out back.


Oct 27, 2017Edited: Oct 27, 2017

They are for mu ‘77 Gary littlejohn 26” bmx








Oct 27, 2017Edited: Oct 27, 2017

Did a few more hops today.. the bike feels like a child’s bike it is so tiny compared to the gu I was on... an American made steel frame with a mix of their geometry would Be interesting...


here i am in the ”pogo stem amoré”


Nov 13, 2017



Nov 13, 2017

I've got suprises and new things on the way... here's one I modified


Nov 14, 2017

surprise! now I've got to figure out how to use it


Nov 15, 2017

Totally awesome josh , next level!!!



My steeds alllllmost there...



Nov 28, 2017

Uh oh something is at 100%... managed a few painless manuals in my parking lot tonight!!


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