Nov 22, 2018

Brakeless Ideas?!?!!!


As things progress and one thing leads to the next pretty soon you find yourself trying things you had not even considered at some previous moment. I've been finding it amazingly difficult to keep all of my fingers on the grips...


Feb 3

Funny at the end of every trials group ride (like the last 10 minutes) JN got us going on a breakless line or two just to yuck it up a bit, but there is some sense to it....end of ride we're all running out of steam so a brakeless line forces us all to ride a bit smoother and plan the line a better and to keep it moving. Now this is becoming a bit of a group ride tradition and some added stupid fun when your done. For the guys who can really ride brakeless I have the utmost respect! I keep all fingers (the one that still work) on the bar but it's hard to make my self do it, Jim keeps a finger on the brake and blames any brake sound on bent rims (suspect).

Feb 22Edited: Feb 22

In 2001 it was rumoured that JJ greg. would do rail gaps with "death grip" , all your fingers wrapped around your bar.. brakeless.



Here is a video of myself over 15 years ago, the first minute is brakeless- love a wedge brakeless, no one even knows what that move is anymore. Also- hebo gloves, monty shoes, webcyclery sponsored. "Vintage" now?? Am I old..?


oh and a negative 20 mm bb.


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