Dec 17, 2017

Barcelona 2.0

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Fresh out the oven. 200% more frames per second, 200% more riding. Sorry the production is not super professional. I was busy training. Riding by Sergi Llongueras, Domenec Llado Comas, Gerard Llado Comas, Toni Guillén Balil, Michał Nowak and Valerii Shulga. Locations : Escola Trial Orrius Trials Evolution (Jordi Yelamos Esteve) Sabadell Trials park (Escola BikeTrial AbanTwins) La Poma Bikepark Huge thanks to Sergi for taking me around, and Christian Heinrich for helping with the filming. And of course, huge thanks to Maestro / Trilite / Rockman Bikes / HBtrials.comfor keeping my bike running.



Jan 11, 2018

Amazing video, amazing riding. Do they just have trials parks all over Spain?

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