Nov 30, 2018

Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot


We had a fun but cold group ride on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Fortunately most trials riders are slackers so we had lots of folks not going to work and coming to ride. One goal of the ride, besides working off some excess holiday stuffing was to try a UCI China style of scoring. Rules: Once you leave the pavement you have 3 minutes in the zone. The goal is to get thru as many gates as you can. Green novice gates are worth 5, blue sport gates 10 and orange expert gates 15. Gates can be taken in any direction and in any order. Gates can only be counted once. Five dabs are allowed until you have to leave the zone or the 3 minute time limit is reached. Results, man was it fun. Strategy, and speed were critical plus the new rules allowed riders to try various skill levels if they dared. Scores ranged from 45-160. The great equalizer when I host this kind of ride again will be time. Pro/expert 2 minutes, sport 2.5 min and novice 3 min. Ultimately we will have an over all points winner and individual class leaders. Who's interested in another go December 22?

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  • Like New condition, Metallic Red Spank Rims, Magura MT7 Brakes, Conti Tires, 2 different length stems included. Top of the Line. $2400 new on Tarty Bikes. $1800 plus shipping
  • I know this is a long shot but I have been trying to track one down for a while. Back in my riding hay-day this was "The" bike for me but way out of my price range. Now I am old and out of shape and would love to start riding again. I will probably pick up something else to hold me over but if anyone knows of someone with a Boxx laying around I would love to take it off their hands.
  • Full build bike. On the cheap. Some really nice parts. Discount for real trials guys. $300 follow the link for the frankenbike. Also have an old school trials frame, with a seatpost, vee and disc mounts +10 B.B. would make a great street frame. Has B.B. , cranks, vees, rear derailleur and half bash already installed. $75 . I’ll post pics tonight. Get both and mash parts together to build a sweet all around street trials that you can shift and still actually ride it like a bike. Ride like it’s 2001.

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