Dec 11, 2017

SLX Cranks, brand new


Edited: Dec 11, 2017


Hey guys,


Just can't get my new SLX cranks to work on my new Marino frame, so they're up for grabs.  175mm with 4 bolt bashring already on.  Bashring isn't labeled, but looks beefy.  Either 24t or 22t sprocket, it's up to you, I have both.  Or if you want it for your MTB I can sell it as a 24/32/40 triple.  Comes with a BB70 and spacers.  Has been installed, but never ridden.


$100 Shipped in USA.


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  • Like New condition, Metallic Red Spank Rims, Magura MT7 Brakes, Conti Tires, 2 different length stems included. Top of the Line. $2400 new on Tarty Bikes. $1800 plus shipping
  • I know this is a long shot but I have been trying to track one down for a while. Back in my riding hay-day this was "The" bike for me but way out of my price range. Now I am old and out of shape and would love to start riding again. I will probably pick up something else to hold me over but if anyone knows of someone with a Boxx laying around I would love to take it off their hands.
  • Full build bike. On the cheap. Some really nice parts. Discount for real trials guys. $300 follow the link for the frankenbike. Also have an old school trials frame, with a seatpost, vee and disc mounts +10 B.B. would make a great street frame. Has B.B. , cranks, vees, rear derailleur and half bash already installed. $75 . I’ll post pics tonight. Get both and mash parts together to build a sweet all around street trials that you can shift and still actually ride it like a bike. Ride like it’s 2001.

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