Mar 27, 2018

Crewkerz Desire - MT7's, Trialtech, and other goodies

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Edited: Mar 27, 2018

$1100 shipped in USA.

High End Crewkerz Desire, Complete! Note, some of the parts are slightly different than pictured, to include a much nicer Magura MT7 front brake.

Frame: Crewkerz Desire 26", some scratches in paint, no dents, used 1 year. Fork: Crewkerz Jealousy Post mount disc, with through axle! The fork is still uncut, notice the spacers on top of the stem, to give you a lot of room to change things. Stem: Brand New Crewkerz 145 x 25. if wanted I can supply a used trialtech 150 x 35 instead. Bars: Clean Alloy Grips: Monty foam, new in package. Bar ends supplied.

Front Brake: Magura MT7 with magura 203mm rotor and trialtech pads! Rear Brake: Triatlech Sport lever, Magura slaves, and Coust pads. Echo Brake clamps, no booster.

Front Wheel: Crewkerz WAW through axle front hub, Crewkerz Single wall rim. Front Tire: Either the conti pictured or a Try-All Shift. Your choice, Try-all is a bit more worn.

Rear Wheel: Crewkerz Freed 135mm hub. Crewkerz Single wall rim. 15tt cog Rear Tire: The Conti pictured

BB: Trialtech Cranks: Trialtech Sport Lite Splined with matching freewheel and bashring. 175mm Pedals: Brand new echo flats in green.

This bike is super nice, modern, and well built.

The only things that aren't in awesome shape: - Tires have been used for a year, lots of life left, but not new - Rear rim was lighter than what I normally run, is a bit warped and may have a couple spots that are slightly wider from sidewalls being bashed a bit. It's a rim, an most of them now are similar ERD so should be easy to replace without changing spokes.

Cheers! Paypal, or cash for locals. Biuyer pays shipping. Will shipiping anywhere.




Jun 28, 2018

Update: I sold the frame, all the parts are up for grabs.

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