Mar 30, 2018

26" Trialtech Sport Lite and Echo Urban Forks.



$60 + shipping. Used Trialtech Sport Lite Disc Fork. 185mm steerer tube, cut straight.


$35 + shipping. used Echo Urban Disc / V-Brake fork. (Does not have vee brake posts). 185mm steerer tube, cut straight. Integrated crown race.


Feel free to ask questions.





May 16, 2018

Good evening Craig,

I'm looking at your echo fork as a possible upgrade to my Megamo Frame. It currently has a fork off of a mountain bike (1" steerer) and a cane creek zero stack headset. The 185mm tube length is fine but I'm wondering about the compatibility of the two. Any thoughts on this?


May 16, 2018

Awesome bike!


The Echo fork is compatible with 36° or 45° cartridge bearing on the lower cup. You should be able to double check the angle on Cane Creek's website. Most likely it'll work. This isn't compatible with Chris King, but most other things.

May 16, 2018

Great! I'll check and get back to you. This is the bike Ive been piecing together. Thanks, Bob Allison

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