Aug 1, 2018

Trial By Fire, October 20 2018


Sorry to be so quiet this summer after Candy Town I managed to get my hand caught between the front bumper of a rental truck and a trailer on fathers day (I blame Hallmark for this one). Anyhoo, nine more days till they pull the last pin and then I can start PT, actually I've secretly started already, but that's another story. So prepare yourselves for "Trial By Fire" Saturday October 20 (because that's the day Mike Sted can make it) Glacial Park Ledyard, CT. Top 3 places will get medals, I'll ask Ross for a box of schwag and we'll plan to pot the usual "pro-purse" not a man bag, PBR and hot dogs to follow, $20 for the day. Details will follow over the next few weeks.

Aug 3, 2018

I'm interested and so is my son. How do we register?

Aug 3, 2018

Rider sign up will be the same day (Saturday) at around 10ish, we will be setting sections Thursday and Friday. I will post directions, details and my cell number as the date closes in. Glad you pinged in, where are you traveling from? What level do you like to ride? We really try to put in a good effort to make the sections fun and challenging. The comp is not a UCI or nationally sanctioned event even though we get more riders than most comps. Its the great riding, hot dogs and cheap beer that really make the statement.

Aug 3, 2018

Travelling from Central PA. I am pretty old school, at one point I was mid pack expert, but now I don't have the hops like I used to. Maybe 2 months practice will help. Haven't done a comp since 2006, now my 13yo son wants to give it a try,so this will be his first. I'm he will probably be riding beginner

Aug 3, 2018

Johannes will likely ride expert too any maybe we can pull in Kegan, so we can flag out slightly down sized expert sections, keep them fum and interesting.

Aug 31, 2018


News Flash!

“A sigh of relief for trials riders as the heat breaks for New England.” What does that mean, dust off that damn trials bike and throw a leg over it. Trial by Fire will not take pity on any lame defenses or explanations, just kidding we will mark out fun sections for all riders so that the fun factor is maximized and the torture kept to a minimum. Ross from Web Cyclery will be sending us a little box of schwag, my grilling skills are the same and the low quality of the beer a constant. I’ll bend Mike Sted’s ear to see if he can arrange additional sponsor prizes.

Place: Glacial Park Ledyard CT

Time: October 20, 10AM rider registration and meeting

Sections: Novice, Sport, Expert, Pro

Prizes: Medals 1-3 each category (sometimes there is a pro-purse depending on the number of riders)

Feel free to call me any time for more details


Oct 11, 2018

Sections are shaping up well at Glacial Park. Rollier and more flow one move to the next. Easy to find too, see you all on October 20th between 10 and 1030 AM

exit 88 of rout 95 in CT, bottom of ramp rout 117 North you will need to head north.

Follow to left turn on Sandy Hollow Road (abut 3 miles)

follow Sand Hollow to the end over the reservoirs, at end stop turn left

Follow about 1/2 mile, Tanglewood Rd. will be on you left, glacial is the immediately next right, into Glacial Park parking area, if Glacial parking area is full park on Tanglewood and just walk on over.

Call or e-mail me any time with questions.



cel 860 772 8870


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  • We are invited to join the RI Trials club for a Skills Day 8:30 AM grab a coffee for the road and you bike, bring a lunch RITC Club House / NETA Events 283 Escoheag Hill Rd, Exeter, RI 02822 From RT-95 exit 5A to RT-102 South. Turn right onto RT-3. Follow Rt-3 for approx 2 miles to junction of Rt-165. Turn right onto RT-165 and follow for approx 6 miles. At bottom of hill turn right onto Escoheag Hill Road. Watch for arrows. From the West: Rt-165. Left on Escoheag Hill Road. Watch for arrows. GPS Coordinates: N41 35 21.6 W71 45 27.5
  • Sorry I am so long on the ride wrap up. To start with I would really like to thanks all of you for coming to ride and make it a great day. The weather was a wildcard and the day started with many slippery spills. The sun broke thru leading to improved conditions and more traction throughout the day. Novice class was 6 strong and would have been 7 if Lynn’s neck was better. The Novice class showed the biggest range of rider age and statistically scores proved this may be related to skill but who knows. Bob Allison finished the day with a perfect 60 and I think he is the most senior rider of the group. Tim flushed out a 55, while Jamison who was riding better and better as the day proceeded to finish 3rd with a respectable 43 (Jamison is a youngster). Then we get on to the sand baggers Kyle (youngster), and Scott (has young kids), we’ll see you two in sport next time. Kyle’s riding was also improving throughout the day and he took a hard won 2nd place after Scott made mincemeat of out of our novice sections. John had to bug out and could not finish, he would have likely been in the 30’s but it’s hard to tell, got to be in it to win it. We really tried to put a lot of thought into the novice sections to keep them fun and challenging. In sport class we are all seniors in fact I might be the youngster at 53, but its close as I don’t know Warren or Mikes actual ages. Warren is to vain to reveal his years and we know Garry refers to himself as old. In this class results are statistically reversed age before beauty, Garry kicked all our asses on a fully suspended mountain bike and mad skills, many cleans and a first place with 10 points. I figured he and Jim were battling it out all day, but conditions changed and it turns out I was battling it out with Jim for second and Garry was just kicking our asses. Warren and mike were throwing it down to avoid the savage 60 both were successful. There is a new division called “Rusty Expert” Johannes and Andrew, both very competent expert riders, for various reasons (mostly lame) have been off their bikes. So expert sections were set to accommodate the handicapped. Devin, who’s is not handicapped crushed it with an 18. Devin’s remade first place medal is in the mail. Johannes and Andrew have been tainted by the scourge of the perfect 40 as they only ran the loop of 4 sections twice, this group must have elected for a long lunch break. Unfortunately we only had one pro rider, and generous sponsor of some place prizes, Mike Shred-ly. We set some very challenging sections and he rode them all, only sections 2 and 3 were unclean-able, I would have called them unridable and he finally got thru then with 1point and 2points respectively. I believe he was with the the expert crew as the sections were proximal and I’m pretty sure Mike rode most of the expert sections too. Next year I may have to have a father son category as we had 3 pairs, it’s good to see. Kyle needs a bigger bike and a go-fund-me page to get it. Till our next ride stay warm. Group ride November 23 at Colonial Ledyard Park, 1PM I am going to set up a new challenge “Trials Turkey Shoot” and if you can hang in Mystic that evening Dave (my painter at Forte) is performing at Friar Tucks.

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