May 25, 2017

Crewkerz Desire


Edited: May 25, 2017



I only bought frames + 1 fork. So the front disc bike uses a crown reducer so I can use my Trialtech Sport Lite disc fork. For the other bike I decided to buy a matching Crewkerz Desire fork mostly just take advantage of the tapered design, but I forgot how much I absolutely loath front rim brakes. So much so I've already ordered an Echo Tapered disc fork to replace it.


It's taken a few rides to get used to the geometry, it's a bit longer than the Breath Yes I was riding, but I'm enjoying not having to adjust my rear wheel alignment every few moves.


Tapered fork and Inbuilt tensioner on a reasonably priced frame with decent geo? It's a win for me.


P.S. Running the new Trialtech Sport Lite Splined crankset and LOVING IT! (although the bash ring is pretty weak.


Sorry my phone camera takes crappy pictures.




May 28, 2017

wow, pretty much exactly the same as the Jealousy but without the axles, nice rigs

May 28, 2017

Kinda. The jealousy should be stiffer and has the AS30 bottom bracket along with the axles. But the jealousy needs a lot of crewkerz only parts. I was able to do the desire as a frame kit.

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