May 31, 2017

Added another- Echo 24


Just picked this bike up earlier today. It was on the local Craigslist - and i just happened to be looking for one. Great deal. I was on the bike for about 2 1/2 hours today. Yeah, i was having a great time!


Jun 17, 2017

Haha, it seems like so many people just buy a trials bike and get stalled out, stop riding... The lack of community kills it. Hopefully this forum can help boost support.


Looks like fun, I wish I wasn't so tall...

Jun 19, 2017

Ryan, this bike was owned by a teen-ager who rode the streets of Austin. I wonder if he will get a more 'streetable' bike to replace this one? Anyway, I am loving it. My skills have progressed faster with it. (Still not as fast as I would want - LOL). But that is one of the things that makes this sport attractive to me; it takes some LONG-TERM effort to build the skills demonstrated by Craig and the many other riders at that level. NO shortcuts really.

Jun 20, 2017

Yeah, no shortcuts indeed...


I bought my Simtra ST-1 frame in 2007 expecting that it would magically allow me to pedal-up, gap, ... I soon realized that I had no idea what I was doing, and nobody to ride with. And that this stuff actually takes work. I mostly gave up until a friend let me borrow his mod bike (in 2015), and more importantly, took some time to teach me the basics that got me over a big hurdle. The mod bike only helped because it was a newer geo for rear-wheel maneuvers.


The hurdle was rear-wheel. What everyone wants to learn immediately. Now I'm working on my wheel-swaps and other moves I should probably have learned sooner :) But it got me a lot more interested and motivated to ride. And now there's always something to work on and get better at, as you have said.

Jun 20, 2017

Ryan said: "The mod bike only helped because it was a NEWER GEO for rear-wheel maneuvers."


EXACTLY! When I found a Yaabaa 20" on our local Craigslist, I didn't understand how the geometry would affect my riding advancement. What a difference from the old Monty x-Hydra, and of course the Planet-X I was riding. On the Yaabaa, I was quickly able to balance and hop on the rear wheel; and I haven't been on the Hydra since. The deal on the Echo 24 was too good to pass as I wanted a 24 or 26 to replace the Planet-X. I didn' t realize a few 'milimeters' here and there would make such a huge difference. If there is a "shortcut" to better skills in this sport, it seems it might be getting a bike with a geometry that allows you to develop 'balancing abilities' (primarily on the rear wheel) more quickly. A secondary quality for quickening the ability might then be WEIGHT. The Echo is 18 lbs; a whopping 9 lbs lighter than my Planet-X and 5 lbs lighter than the Hydra (Mod). I'm having a blast!




Jun 22, 2017

Ha, that's super cool. I think actually giving the new geos a try is the key. Nobody would ride my mod for longer than a frew minutes because it was "too weird" XD

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