Jul 14, 2017

A few of my current trials rigs I run..


Edited: Jul 15, 2017


This is my custom built Titanium 24" DMAN DMAN-TiFighter..along with the Ti-Stem and custom steel Landing Gear Fork.Soon I'll replace the rear King with an I9 like the front hub.




This is my custom built stock 26" steel rig..


This is my Ozony Curve Mod rig



Th classic BT-Mod renamed TheDemolitionMan

My custom mod built by FTW


The first WTF sold back in 08' to me..check the link on my page for its inception.



This is my neon bow




on the custom 26 did u custom build it as in spec all the parts or weld the frame together with custom geo, if so how u make the head tube and bottom backet?

Aug 23, 2017

It was welded by a welder from CT, RCP and then I built it up.He doesn't make frames anymore as long as I know..


Sorry for the late reply, I'm on island time..lol



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  • After being off any type of trials riding for 6 or 7 years, getting back in the saddle in order to teach my 5 years old. Surprisingly still feel comfortable on the bike. Was on Observed trials forums years ago, but does not seem to be any activity over there anymore.
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