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6 days ago

heres a thread i see alot on mtb forums, thought id give it a try here just post what you think is the coolest or sexiest trials bike heres one to starts us off i quite like the look of these classic
Sep 26

Recently I got my Marino 26" frames back. (I have two identical frames, one in blue and one in red). The blue one is the fun one, so here it is. I'll update this thread as I make some changes to it
May 25

Purchased this in 2014 with the intention of getting into trials. Broke my collarbone on my roadie and never got very far with trials. I'm back at it again, this time with my 10 year old daughter who
Feb 16, 2018

Many years ago I started riding bike trials on a mod to improve my moto-trials skills. About a year later I added a stock bike to the mix as the wheelbase more closely matched my Gas Gas 280. Here is
Dec 12, 2017

I have finally added a street bike to my stable. a mirror red Inspired Arcade (the build w/hope brakes)
Oct 5, 2017

Mostly old parts on a new frame
Jun 22, 2017

Just picked this bike up earlier today. It was on the local Craigslist - and i just happened to be looking for one. Great deal. I was on the bike for about 2 1/2 hours today. Yeah, i was having a gre
Jun 18, 2017

Jun 13, 2017

Heres my bike, built up a few months ago but updated just recently. Inpulse Blast X frame kit- 26" frame and fork with headset, Ti BB, foam grips, and integrated bashguard. Some TrialTech parts- SL
May 29, 2017

x-Hydra from circa 2003
Oct 18

Sep 20

I'm really loving this bike. I also have an Echo Control but I find myself riding this more.
Apr 9, 2018

Hopefully this will get built up this week. I've had the frame for a few months now, but haven't had the budget to finish the build. The geometry is fairly radical, there is really nothing else out t
Feb 16, 2018

After being off any type of trials riding for 6 or 7 years, getting back in the saddle in order to teach my 5 years old. Surprisingly still feel comfortable on the bike. Was on Observed trials forums
Oct 21, 2017

Aug 23, 2017

This is my custom built Titanium 24" DMAN DMAN-TiFighter..along with the Ti-Stem and custom steel Landing Gear Fork.Soon I'll replace the rear King with an I9 like the front hub. This is my custom bui
Jun 20, 2017

Jun 17, 2017

Hey Just got my New Echo Mark V in from took a Few pic's it's Stock but I put the upgraded Echo SL brakes on it
Jun 2, 2017

Here's my short lived 3rd gen Arcade in OD green. I like green bikes. This one struck me as a P40 so that's where I went with it. It was made in Taiwan too, which was the Chinese gov't the US was figh
May 28, 2017

Got my new Crewkerz Desire(s) up and running! I'm super pumped about them, having a proper inbuilt tensioner is seriously AMAZING! For the last few years I've been really keen on the Jealousy and Cl

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