Aug 28, 2017

Loving it!



so i got a street trials bike a few weeks ago and started riding. i am absolutely in love with it! gives me the same excitement i got when i started riding mountain bikes. anyway, just wanted to share some of my progress here. still have a long way to go but i'm getting some if the basics!

Sep 5, 2017

A few weeks of riding a trials bike... wow.. You are progressing well. Good stuff.. (Funny how when I see folks riding without shinguards I cringe.. LOL. I almost feel the pedal slamming into my shin...) Not saying you should have them; totally "your call" - just the 'memory' I have from the pain of not wearing them comes back to me.. ;-)

Sep 5, 2017

Hey thanks! Yeah I'm loving the journey! I've been a long time mountain biker so it's not like I'm starting from scratch, but just picking up the basics of trials is a blast! I've thought about shin guards before (and have plenty of scars on my shins!), but for some reason I just never think of them. Maybe after a few more good wacks I'll change my tune! Thanks for watching!

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  • Hi all, I guess this qualifies in the beginners' section more than the media thread. Back in 2012, I had released a handbook covering all the techniques of trials riding, mostly seen from a natural/comp perspective. Now, after about three years of riding street trials to figure out what all the cool moves were about, and revamping my website with extra street sections, it was time I'd put up together a revised edition of my book. Hence with the extra street chapters, the book has grown up from 240 pages to 288 pages in a A5 format (210x148mm portrait). A neat feature I am also quite pleased about, I managed to integrate QR codes onto the how-to pages for a direct access to relevant slow-motion videos (via any smartphone QR scanner app) Check it out on
  • Mustache, Jim Cochrane (aka cockmaster), Spaceman and I all trekked southwest about 5 hours to enjoy a slippery June Comp and camping at the Candy Town Motorcycle Club near Hershey PA. The weather was humid and rainy but great fun and laughs were enjoyed by all. Joe’s Bike Shop provided generous schwag bags, mother nature and Devin H provided the rest. We managed to get to Candy Town MCC in time to assist with a little section prep and camp set up. Mustache, who doesn’t ride trials, made this great vid for us and I think it is a good representation of the Sport sections and just generally a fun comp. Incidentally Mustache also showed us that non water proof cameras can hold a hell of a lot of water and still operate, as he found his camera hanging on the tent side literally filled with water Sunday AM. After pouring the water out of the battery bay he continued to shoot this vid.

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