How To: Picking Up the Front Wheel

Learning to pick up your front wheel onto objects is one of the first crucial skills you must learn for trials.  It is the starting move to many trials techniques.  When well practice you should be able to get your front wheel onto objects just over wheel height.  Start with an object about curb height.


While Rolling:

  • While rolling compress your arms and legs.

  • As you pop up, throw your butt / hips back and allow your arms to gently tug on the bars.

  • Voila.  The front wheel should come up.

  • Especially on long comp bikes you may find it easier to pull the front wheel up while pedaling.  You should learn how to both with and without pedaling.

From a Stand-Still:

  • Start with your front wheel just a few inches away front the object you are aiming for.

  • Move your hips / butt backwards as you compress your arms and legs down.  Rotate your feet so your forward foot is almost vertical, to allow a good pedal stroke.

  • As you pop up push down hard on your pedals and throw your body forward. 

  • Your front wheel should pick up and move on-top of the object you where aiming for.

With practice you should be able to lift the front wheel all the way up until your bike flips over.  Practice this technique so you can control the front wheel placement onto various heights at differing speeds.  You'll need to learn how to pull the rear wheel up as well to complete a true "roll-up".