How To: Picking Up the Rear Wheel

Without Brakes

This move is a foundation for a number of techniques.  When paired with picking up the front wheel will allow you to roll up objects, and is key to understanding the bunnyhop amongst others.  Unlike the rear wheel pivot, you will learn this WITHOUT brakes.

  • While rolling along slowly, jump slightly, throwing your weight forward and pushing down and forward on the handlebars.  This will effectively "unweight" the pedals and rear wheel.  Even without actually picking up the rear wheel, doing so should allow it to drift smoothly onto objects.

  • After the rear wheel is unweighted, you need to pick it up.  Imagine scraping gum off the bottom of your shoes, your feet go backwards and scoop up a bit, keeping friction on the pedals at all times.  (Your feet do NOT go straight up).

You just have to get a feeling for how little weight you can put on the pedals without your feet flying off. When you're doing this move well, you can get your rear wheel surprisingly high, so try mixing together the front wheel pivot and this move.