Basic: Getting Up Objects

Once you are able to pick up the front wheel, pick up the rear wheel, and do both and front wheel pivots you are ready to start getting up bigger objects.  With practice these basic moves can be used to get onto objects well over rear wheel height and will set the stage for more advanced techniques.  Get creative, have fun, and try a bunch of different things!

Rolling Up:​

Quickly follow picking the front wheel onto an object with unweighting / picking up the rear wheel to "roll up" straight onto something.  Start with objects about curb height and go heigher as your comfort level allows.  As objects you roll-up get taller, your timing from the picking up the front wheel to lifting up the rear will need to be more precise, and eventually will become one fluid motion.

Pivoting Up:

There are numerous ways you can combine pivots to get up objects, or combine picking up the front and rear wheel with pivots.

Try combining picking up the front wheel with a rear wheel pivot!  Roll towards an object and pick up your front wheel onto it.  Land with your front brake locked and immediately pop your hips into a rear wheel pivot, swinging your rear wheel onto it!