How To: Rear Wheel Pivot

This is where you pivot your rear wheel either to your left or right.  This is a crucial basic bicycle handling skill you'll use every time you ride.  Coupled with front wheel pivots you'll be able to maneuver your bike to face in any direction you need.

  • Start by turning your bars, away from the direction you want to turn. So when you land your handlebars are straight i front of you.

  • Compress your legs and with your front brakes locked pop forward and to one side, pushing into your bars.  Your rear wheel should lift off the ground.

  • This movement is lead by your hips.  Lead with your body and the bike will follow.

  • Your rear wheel should move to the side, pivoting on the front wheel.

With practice you should be able to control your rear wheel pivots with precision, and eventually learn to produce 180 pivots.  Practice this technique from both a stand-still and while rolling.