Middleburn RS-7 Pro Trials Crankset
ISIS Version

Review by Stephen Maeder (May 8, 2003)

Length tested: 170 mm
Weight: 650 grams (both cranks, bashring/spider, and 22 tooth ring)
Strengths: Light, stiff, and strong. Bashring and spider are one piece. Lifetime warranty for trials.
Weaknesses: Not inexpensive.
Similar products tried: FSA Afterburners, Monty-Sugino, Shimano XTR
Bottom line: If you have the money, you can't go wrong with these cranks.

Manufacturer: Middleburn

Where to buy:
US/World: Buy now from WebCyclery
Australia: Buy now from Austrialshop

This is the same great crank from Middleburn in an ISIS version. In case you've been living under a rock, ISIS is the international standard for splined bottom-bracket/crank interfaces (take a look at the photo to notice the spline instead of the square-taper). It makes for a much stiffer and stronger setup! This allows for better power transfer and longer fatigue life, both of which we can always use more of in trials!

The crankset is made in the UK, and comes with a lifetime warranty, even for trials use! The bashring, which is wide (1/2") and beefy, is also the spider, which the included 22 tooth chainring bolts directly onto. The one-piece spider/bashring is a great idea - making the system lighter, stiffer, and stronger. I also like that the bashring is low-profile - it protects the chain only as much as necessary. The bashring has a knurled surface, which works fine, and is somewhat friendly to concrete. The crankset is also available with a normal 58/94 spider setup, if you want to run two rings.

I had the square-taper version of this crank on my bikes for a year and a half, and now it's moved over to a friend's bike. It's still going strong!