UCI Spain Update
from Wendy VanSchoonhoven (Jeremy's mom)

Hi Stephen. I know you've heard Jeremy [VanSchoonhoven] got 10th place in Spain. Chris Clark got 14th in Junior Stock and Sean Miller got 19th in the Elite Stock. As to the other guys Jeremy didn't say where they placed. As far as I understood Jeremy had the best finish of the Americans. The courses were very, very hard. Jeremy said he has never ever seen such hard or dangerous courses. This was the consensus of all the riders not just the Americans. The mod courses were so dangerous and hard that Jeremy did not even compete. He also felt that if he had competed he would have been too tired to have done the stock competition. He's learned a lot more stuff that he needs to work on.

They get into DC tomorrow but have a competition in West Virginia on the 10th. So they won't actually be home until the 13th. After that I'm sure he'll be in contact with you. Take care.
A more full story (and full results) is available on the UCI website... Click here