"The most important part of the sport is control of mind and control of body, because mentality makes you go up higher, and that's very important. And at this moment, I may be at the best quality and control of my mind." - Cesar Canas  
  "The mental part of this sport is maybe 60%, because right now, all the riders we have are almost at the same level, but the pressure to arrive here in the United States, all the people watching... You see that your rivals are so good. You have to forget everything and say, ok, Ot, you are the best, you are number one, you are going to win. Think about this. Give confidence of yourself and win." - Ot Pi
"You practice on small things, and once you have them wired, you can almost do them in your sleep. Then you can do them on higher things. When I jump over a big gap or ride up a railing high above the gournd, I'm not thinking about the danger around it." - Hans Rey  
  "Everything is pretty mental, you have to focus on the thing that you're doing, you have to forget about everything around you, and you have to think exactly where your tire's gonna go. I mean, you concentrate really hard and you prepare yourself, you visualize your moves before you do them. You control your fear, you control your life." - Hans Rey
"Throw your body, then bring your bike with you." - JJ Gregorowicz