Japanese Trials Jargon
Translated from a Japanese page by Eddy

Japanese call the tricks a bit different from that of US or UK.

HiranoLift the bike up the rocks etc by putting your feet on the ground (named after Mr. Hirano who is a chairman of BIU and used to be 26 Expert rider. He did this alot. :-)
DanielRear wheel hop (Named after Daniel Cosse)
JackknifeFront wheel hop
Jackknife turnTurn the direction of the bike with only front wheel on the ground.
RollingSpeed the bike and turn (non-trial stuff?)
Bunny hopNo explanation needed, is there?
Magic JumpJust hopping up where you are
Jack DanielHopping on the front wheel
Daniel-OriDrop off by rear wheel hop (Ori means to go down)
Michael-OriSide hop drop off with both wheels together
Libra-OriSide drop off with first the rear wheel then the front wheel
Ot-PiForward hop with a bit of pedaling (Named after you know who)
FredrickLift the rear wheel up, then moving forward by releasing the brake
ParallelSide hop
StandingTrack standing (Some tricks are in English)
Reversegoing backwards (well...)