Bike 2001
Report from Roger, owner of Brisa Bikes

We TOTALLY RULED in the UK!!! I could not even imagine such a thing.... I knew we would do great, but to take it all like we did was unreal!!!

All I know is that we are bigger out there (in the UK) than even here (in the United States)... Shaun rode his best, I was behind the guys at ALL times, coordinating their riding through the course. I know what they can do and got them to give me all they HAD and MORE...

Shaun is a GREAT teammate and I am very glad to have him on our TEAM. He is also the ALL AMERICAN GUY image we were after. He rode superb. The only thing is he can't pick up a chick no matter what!!! We found time to hit the streets of Birmingham and the clubs on Saturday night and had so much fun.

Nelson is the BEST IN THE WORLD and everyone knows that now!!! He has some sort of supernatural power, and is fearless. I was afraid he would injure himself, but he must have the best guardian angel. He pulled so many UNTHINKABLE, INSANE moves that no one even ever thought possible (EXCEPT ME). I know what this guy can do even more than he does at times!!! They (other riders) said the reason he pulled so many huge moves was because he was riding a MOD 20" bike, well we proved them very wrong!! On Sunday, the final day, Nelson rode this Black B26 Stock bike that was tested by MBUK, and rode just the same as on his 20". Everyone knew that he truly was the best. "A great rider rides anything, the BEST riders ride BRISA."

The CROWD was amazing! I have to take my HAT OFF to the crowd, the organizers, promoters, sponsors and coordinators, and even to the builder of the sections that I met. We in the United States should look at the UK to find out how to make TRIALS SUCCEED!!!

MBUK magazine had our BRISA B26 tested and gave us a (5) which is the highest rating possible! They said our bike was "inch perfect". I talked to Paul, the TRIALS writer for MBUK magazine. He showed great interest in doing a complete write up on BRISA. Boy, I wish our US magazine would do that! After all we are a TRIALS company, how many of those do we have??

MBUK is THE BEST!!! They know the POTENTIAL behind TRIALS and are not wasting TIME!!! They had so many different articles on trials, it was wonderful to see that.... I just wish they would include a bit of the traditional TRIALS bike in there (the 20" MOD).

The manufacturing companies are also thinking much more on producing trials products, I will have to move fast to keep ahead of the GAME... I saw many NEW different TRIALS products that had potential. I could not sleep Friday night and came up with many knew awesome ideas for production. I have quite a bit of surprises up my sleeve for the future!

We had great support from our very respectable UK BRISA DEALER (ARMSTRONG BIKE DOCK). It was very fun hanging around them English and Irish guys.

I want to personally thank the Martins and the rest of the UK riders for welcoming us into their country with such hospitality.

I also got to meet Petr Kraus and liked him a great deal, we talked just for a few minutes and I found him to have many of the same IDEAS that I have regarding our SPORT...

In the END, I was glad that no one got injured and that everyone enjoyed themselves, I know the BRISA TEAM including our UK DEALER did...

I hope they will invite us for next year???

Roger R.
Brisa Bikes
April 24, 2001