mtb-trials mailing list group shot after the competition

I need some help here with the names. I met most everyone, but remembering names is my weakness...
Back row: Geoff Kupfer, Kevin Brody, Duncan Kopp-Richards, Tim Williamson, Gary Lessner, Vaughn Micciche, Aaron Lutze, Andy Dole, Chris Pascucci
Middle row: Mike Gevaert, Eric Porter, Tony Edgar, Jamie Kimberly, Nelson Papel, Keith Hmelovsky, Ryan Senechal, Stephen Maeder, Mike Umbarger, Jonathon Pool
Front row: Mike Koza, ?, Marc Eichinger, Paul Deesen, Jason Hill

(Thanks to Tim Williamson, Chris Pascucci, and Aaron Lutze for help with the names)

Listers who were at Motorama but weren't at the photo shoot: ?

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