Clay Sturman
by Aaron Lutze

Nathan Clay Sturman was one of the finest riders I have ever had the privelege to meet, ride with, and hang out with. Not once did a negative word come from his mouth, and he was always encouraging the less skilled younger riders to try bigger moves and to push themselves. In a way, I think that Clay was always pushing himself...his riding reflected that. Whether it was cross country, downhill, BMX, or even trials, he was constantly raising his level, and the level of the riders around him. From riding with Clay, I learned many valuable lessons. I learned many new skills, but above all else, I learned that it is important to have as much fun as possible, no matter what you do. I have taken that lesson into my daily life, to always have a good humor about everything possible, which I think was Clay's secret to success. Clay had fun, and delighted in everything that he did...even those nasty scabs and scars he had on his legs and knees that he recieved from having just a little too much fun with his trials bike! I looked up to Clay like a brother, and he was a really great friend. He was an excellent role model for riders of any age or skill level, and saying that his passing was tragic can not begin to describe how everyone feels. Clay was among the best, and we can only know that he is with the best, riding the best terrain, and having the most fun ever... in trials heaven.

Aaron Lutze