1999 Red Bull Dual Trials Shoot Out Results - July 10, 1999

Guide to Results table:
1st run of 2: Top rider rides blue course, bottom rider rides grey.
2nd run of 2: Riders switch courses.

Help with the Dual Trials format: (click here for rules and other information)
The number in the "1 run" column is the rider's qualifying position, not their final standing.

The numbers in the other columns means that the rider was eliminated in that round and received that final standing. (Example: A. Fulton was eliminated in the Round of 8 by S. Miller, and placed 7th overall in the event, so you'll see "#7 A. Fulton" in the Round of 8 column)

Round of 16 Round of 8 Round of 4 Final (and run for 3rd)
1 run 2 runs 2 runs 2 runs
1) Shaun Miller
S. Miller
16) Brian Maier
  S. Miller
10) Mark Ebert
#7 A. Fulton
8) Andrew Fulton  
    S. Miller
5) JJ Gregorowicz  
#5 JJ Gregorowicz
12) Tomasz Kramavczk
  A. Cubbage
13) Bobby Oliver  
A. Cubbage  
4) Alex Cubbage    
      #1 S. Miller
3) Pawel Reczek     CHAMPION
P. Reczek  
14) Richie Houdek  
  P. Reczek
11) Jeremy Vanschoonboven
#6 R. Kumorowski
6) Rafal Kumorowski  
    #2 P. Reczek
7) Neilson Reis  
#8 S. Thompson
9) Scott Thompson
  C. Santos
15) Nigel Kobring   C. Santos
C. Santos   #3 C. Santos
2) Chris Santos     #4 A. Cubbage 3RD PLACE