1999 Red Bull Dual Trials Shoot Out Info - July 10, 1999

3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA USA

$5,000 ($2,500 paid to winner)


Official Press Release 5/31/99:

Red Bull Sports Drink has teamed up with NoDab! Trials to produce what promises to be the premier X-treme party of the summer! The fascinatingly new hip sport of BikeTrials will be showcased in the Red Bull Shoot Out in an incredibly exciting NEW format called DualTrials.

The thrilling sport of DualTrials pits X-treme BikeTrial athletes head to head on identical courses in a mind boggling race of nerves as they negotiate an impossible array of obstacles and other devices specially constructed by the Red Bull Death Squad. 16 of the World's most extreme BikeTrialers will be gunning for the big money as Top Gun of the Shoot Out and earn his Red Bull Wings.


All riders will have 2 hours of open practice.
All riders will make one qualifying run on the blue course for top 16 ranking.

Round of 16 - Single Run Elimination
#1 ranked vs. #16 ranked, #2 ranked vs. #15, etc.

Round of 8, 4, down to 2
2 passes, one on each course. Rider with lowest combined time advances.

Dab Time Penalties
1 Point Dabs =  3 seconds penalty
5 Point Dabs =  5 seconds penalty