1999 Mammoth National (run through the competition from my point of view)

Dirt Downhill Section
    Dabs: 5-5-3
    This section was all downhill. I was having difficulty walking UP the hill, slipping all over the place. Very small rocks that just break away... The first riders to go through made a big enough groove for everyone else to take. Nearly everyone locked up their rear tire all the way down, modulating the front (all the pros I saw did this...). It was quite difficult, I thought. Expert had the same exact section as Pro with the subtraction of a more difficult and higher up start where they had to hop over an odd log into the slippery stuff. None of them had trouble with it (although I'm positive I would have...).
    On my last time through, I was resting near the end with my pedal down, with a clean 3, and had never made it through the last bit of downhill, off this scary tree stump. It must just be rolled fast... I went for it, but my something slipped, I freaked out and planted my right foot on the stump and launched myself off the stump (I really wanted to get through this section without a 5!). I landed with just my left foot on the pedal, keeping my other foot in the air, and half-way through the 20 feet or more of run-out to the exit, lifted up both feet high in the air to show that I had landed it, riding the top tube (I ride a seatless 99 Monty X-Lite!) all the way out. I was exuberant, until I started getting kinda sick from riding the top tube down the hill.. ouch...
"Sport" Section (technical small stuff and long)
    I was extremely mad at myself for not getting through this without a 5. Every time I fived was dumb. First time, I tried to rest my right pedal on a rock because I didn't want to dab, but the rock was too low, and I fell over and put both feet down on the right side of the bike! Second time, I came down the second hill a little wide, and dabbed outside of the section, but just barely broke the tape! Third time, I was going through ok, had 4 dabs, and really needed to rest (altitude was really affecting me), but couldn't find anywhere to rest my pedal, so I just tried to ride it out, but ended up dabbing to keep myself from going out of section because I was so tired. I was so aggravated. Should've been cleaned every time.
Log section #1
    This section was difficult, no doubt. It was possible for me to get through this section with a clean 3, but luck didn't turn out that way. I had to use 2 dabs to get through the part inbetween the two big logs at the beginning, and another dab to get up the boulder from the ground. My first time through, I'd already 5'd, and was riding out the section, and when I got up to the log we were supposed to roll down, I lost my balance to the right, towards the other log (this is about 5 feet off the ground, it really scared me), I caught myself with my arms on the other log... Frightening...
Log section #2
    This section was by far the most fun for me. It was about as urban as big logs can get. It would've been possible for me to clean it, but I thought it more prudent to dab up this handlebar-height log rather than try to up it with limited space (a very good choice, because I tried it after the competition, and I got it on my second try, so if I had tried it in comp, I probably would have 5'd!). The beginning of the section was easy, just up a little log then 90 degree right turn to a bigger log higher up (5 feet up?). The next part gave people some trouble: You had to hop 90 degrees to your left to your rear wheel, then gap 5 feet to another same-height log. I saw Ty try this one twice. Both times, when he jumped and turned, his rear landed too far back on the log, such that he couldn't kick the gap and put both feet down for a 5. Luckily for me, turning to my left is my natural side, and it wasn't bad for me. First time through, I dabbed on the other log I gapped to (not sure if I really needed to, I think I was just scared). Then you have to drop down from that log to the ground, then you have a tiny bit of space to get up the handlebar height log, then up to a bigger log, with bark