Cook Brothers Hopfest III - June 19, 1999
Sections in more depth

Section 1 Exit - Go to rear wheel from here, then drop to rear wheel on the stump forward and to the left, then come down rear wheel. There isn't enough space for both wheels on the stump, realistically, so you've got to stick the rear wheel on the way down. While on top here, I started to lose my balance to the left, so I just went to rear wheel and launched down off balance, landing on the far left side of the stump rear wheel, and then continuing to rotate left while rear wheel dropping to the ground. So fluid and just barely staying within the left section ribbon. My friend who was filming missed it because he thought I was going to wait up there for him to get closer! Doh!

Section 4 - I sidehopped off this 5.5 foot drop (bigger than it looks, he hadn't panned down yet so you can't see the ground) and landed rear wheel first, ultra smooth.

Section 4 - Rear wheel drop, front wheel must land within boundaries (can't see from this angle) - they gave you about 2 feet of lateral space to land your front wheel... I got it right on. Exit to the left over the logs. Sport came down that wood board and over the same logs. The box was very wobbly, and you had to gap from the bottom (attached) box with the stair to the top box in between two wood boards (that could be used to get up on top of the box, but what fun is that?)

Section 2 - I'm not sure anyone but me got all the way through this section (I did it in 3 dabs). I took two dabs to get up that log. It's absolutely insane. Note how high my rear wheel is... I'm about to sidehop drop off. A photo from later in this section that I hope comes out should show me gapping about 7 feet out and down to a log. It was a pro move...

Section 3 - Hard section. The end of this section gets harder. This section and section 5 were the two I didn't do better than five dabs on. I was planning to rear wheel gap the logs after competition for the camera, but my videocamera broke after the first loop! (not to mention my headset was creaking because the headtube needed to be faced (new frame). Didn't want to ovalize the headtube anymore than I already had...).

Section 5 - So scary, Jim Trigonis wouldn't even do it! That bottom log is about 5 feet in the air, and the top log near the right side is way over my head!